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Our Hearing Services

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Diagnostic Services Available

  • Complete audiologic assessments with reports sent promptly to the referring physician/agency.
  • Hearing aid evaluations for patients.
  • Re-evaluation of hearing aids for patients.
  • Assessments for assistive listening devices.
Near North Hearing Centre

Rehabilitative Services

  • Dispensing/Fitting of hearing aids and assistive listening devices.
  • Service and repair of all makes and models of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.
  • Regularly schedule post-fitting follow-ups for hearing aid patients.
  • Counselling of patients, their family members, friends and care givers regarding hearing health, hearing loss and hearing aids.
  • Fitting of custom made noise protection and swim moulds.
  • Sale of hearing health care aides and hearing aid accessories including batteries.
Near North Hearing Centre

Educational Services

  • Training for employees – hearing conservation and how to communicate with individuals who are hard of hearing.
  • Outreach to community organizations – signs of hearing loss, the dangers of noise exposure and how to effectively communicate with individuals who have hearing loss.
  • Training for teachers – effective use of technology to improve classroom acoustic and provide strategies for effective instructions of all students especially those who are hard of hearing.
  • Presentations to classrooms based on the Ministry of Education’s Ontario curriculum regarding the auditory system.

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